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CfP IFTR Working Group Digital Humanities in Theatre Research

We are soliciting papers and project presentations that represent the full range of experience theatre scholars and practitioners have with Digital Humanities.

We are especially interested in topics that:

- Introduce important digital humanities projects in theatre and performance studies.
- Examine the theoretical implications of Digital Humanities for our research into theatre and performance
- Explore new methodologies in theatre research based on digital technologies
- Focus on digital theatre history and historiography
- Discuss best practices for digital humanities projects in theatre and performance
- Elaborate on innovations in academic curricula in theatre and performance studies inspired by the Digital Humanities
- Investigate the challenges of crowdsourcing or the use of “citizen scholars” in Digital Humanities research.

For mor Information please contact:

Nic Leonhardt (LMU Munich, Director, Centre of Global Theatre History & Academy for DH in Theatre; ERC project Developing Theatre, LMU) &

Franklin J. Hildy (University of Maryland):

The PDF-Data can be downloaded below: