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azade sharifi

Dr. Azadeh Sharifi


Research project "(Post)migrant Theatre in German Theatre History. (Dis)Continuities of Aesthetics and Narratives"

The aim of the project is to analyse migrant and postmigrant theatre from a historical perspective to create an archive on aesthetic and narrative characteristics of (post)migrant theatre in their (dis)continuity. It will draws a line from the beginning of migrant theatre to the contemporary post-migrant theatre with their relations and fractions. (Post)migrant theatre is understood as a result and continuance of migrant theatre which started with recruitment agreement of so-called Guest-Workers in 1955.
This project will be divided into three interweaved and entangled methods: collecting Data thorugh the hermeneutic method of oral history, categorization and systematisation of the Data through digital mapping as well as theoretical contextualisation of (post)migrant theatre history. The three different methods and techniques for researching which are complemetary produce new knowledge for the analysis of (dis)continuity of narratives and aesthetics whithin the (post)migrant theatre. The analysis of (post)migrant narratives includes ascriptened, imagined and passed on, diasporic as well as invented postmigrant narratives.