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"The Offenbach century: His overlooked influence on modern culture"

Guest lecture by Prof. Laurence Senelick (Tufts University, USA)



Time: June 16th, 2015, 7 p.m.

Venue: Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, Georgenstraße 11, room 109

The talk is open to the public.

Organisation and contact: Gero Tögl

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Prof. Senelick has been jointly invited by the DFG-Reinhart Koselleck Project "Global Theatre Histories" (Prof. Dr. Christopher Balme, Dr. Nic Leonhardt) and the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) as a Fellow to LMU this June.

Laurence Senelick is Fletcher Professor of Drama and Oratory at Tufts University; Fellow of the American Academy of Art and Sciences; Distinguished Scholar of the American Society for Theatre Research; and recipient of the St George medal of the Russian Ministry of Culture for contributions to Russian art and culture.

Further information about Laurence Senelick: